How to Promote Your Business in Your Community


PrideStaff Akron

How many of you have wanted to start a business but didn’t quite know how to go about it? Should you take out an advertisement? If so, where? And how do you get others to work with you when you’re a relative unknown? It plays on the old question: How do you promote your business… Read more »

How Strategic Planning Benefits Leaders at Every Level


Want a successful 2017? Then you need to make sure you have a successful strategic plan set up for that success. Of course, you likely have objectives and goals you want to meet and ideas of how to get it all done, but specific strategy (after all, the word strategy did come from the military… Read more »

Banish Job Search Depression by Changing Your Attitude


So you’ve hit a bit of a rut in your job search. You’ve sent out dozens of cover letters and resumes, filled out the applications, and yet you haven’t landed anything yet. That stiff upper lip has begun to tremble … so how do you manage to keep up your spirits? Change your attitude with… Read more »