ScreeningAs a recruiter or hiring manger, you know the basics of hiring a solid candidate:

  • Evaluate resumes and cover letters
  • Select the most promising prospects
  • Conduct interviews to get to know the candidates

This is a great start, but how can you ensure that you find the best candidate for the long term? Can you accomplish this consistently and successfully? These strategies will help you hire better, improve your business and reduce turnover.

Conduct a probing interview. Your initial interview should be a combination of straightforward, situational and behavioral questions. This will give you good means with which to evaluate the candidate. Allow the candidate plenty of time to answer and ask follow up questions for any answer that requires clarification. For many positions additional interviews will be required.

Consider these 3 Candidate Screenings:

1. Tests or assessments. These come in many forms – from aptitude tests to job-specific skills assessments. There are a wealth of online assessments available at varying costs. Combining objective assessments with your own interview-based evaluation can confirm (or cause you to re-think) your first impression.

2. References. Check every reference that the candidate provides – and find your own. Reach out to former supervisors for their opinion of the candidate. Ask open ended questions and put them at ease so that they will engage in conversation with you.

Be sure to ask questions like these:

  • Is the candidate eligible for hire?
  • What are the candidate’s greatest strengths?
  • Did the candidate go above and beyond his job description?
  • Did he get along well with his peers?
  • Does he have the necessary skills to succeed in (new position)?

3. Pre-employment screenings. Depending on the position you are filling, some of these screenings are more critical than others, but don’t rush through the process in an attempt to fill a vacant position quickly.

Common screenings include:

  • Employment verification
  • Education verification
  • Criminal history screening
  • Credit history
  • Drug testing

Taking the time to conduct candidate screenings can ensure that the hire you make today will last through the long haul. While it may slow down your initial hiring process, the time you take now is nothing compared to the time and expense it takes to replace a wrong hire.

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