Yeay!When you’re looking for a new administrative position, a solid, eye-catching resume is key. Tailor your resume to each position you apply for and be sure to proofread carefully – attention to detail is a much sought-after attribute in an administrative professional. Create a resume that demonstrates that you understand what the employer is looking for by analyzing the employer’s needs and showing that you can meet them.

These 4 Resume-Building Tips Will Put You at the Top of the List for Any Administrative Position:

1. Know the position: Look carefully not only at the specific job you are applying for, but also refer to the company site to get an idea of the company culture and goals. Match your skills to the qualifications listed in the job description to show that your skills and experience are exactly what the employer is looking for and that your goals align with that of the company.

2. Use keywords: List your experience in chronological order, starting with your most recent position. Construct your resume so that key verbs and phrases stand out. Use action words rather than just listing your duties. The words you choose should reflect specific job requirements show your skills, previous employers, pertinent credentials, and technology/software knowledge. Look at the “must haves” in the job posting and use the same terminology.

3. Be clear and concise: Use bullet points instead of paragraphs – this makes your resume easier to read. Don’t fill the page too much with writing – leave plenty of white space. Start with your contact information, a skills summary, and an experience section with positions listed chronologically. Follow with your education, any special training or certifications, and list any pertinent technology you’re familiar with.

4. Pitch yourself strongly. Your skills summary section should highlight your top talents and match the listed requirements. It should be a bulleted list at the top of the page, so that it can be scanned quickly. Most resumes are skimmed for 5-7 seconds, so show the employer what you can offer right away.

Use these tips and the skilled staff at PrideStaff Akron to help you craft your own administrative resume that will help separate you from the pack. Use their Job Seeker Resources as well for extra tips.

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