yesThe face of the working world is changing: since June 2009, temporary positions have accounted for nearly 20 percent of all jobs – and the trend is projected to continue to grow. While the advantages of temporary employment may seem to benefit employers, employees can also use temporary work to further their career objectives. What are some of the main benefits of accepting temporary positions?

  1. They Fill in Gaps on Your Resume
    If you’ve been unemployed, accepting a temporary position can be beneficial in maintaining an active work history on your resume. Employers often see a wide gap in employment as a potential red flag. It can cause concern that your skills may not be up-to-date, or even worse, that you’re not motivated. Temporary positions keep you in the workplace so you can maintain your skills and qualifications, and remain an active member of the workforce.
  1. They Give You Networking Opportunities
    Available jobs posted in classified ads or online job boards are generally inundated with hundreds, if not thousands, of applications, which makes for some stiff competition and difficulty in standing out. Accepting temporary positions gives you the chance to network and meet new contacts so you can hear about career opportunities first. If you establish professional relationships, these contacts may keep you in mind if they hear of any available job openings in the future.
  1. They Get Your Foot in the Door
    Although many employers hire temporary workers for short-term needs, others will use temporary positions as a lower risk way to preview how candidates will perform full-time. So think of accepting temporary positions as the equivalent of participating in a really long interview, and approach it as a way to prove yourself as a good long-term investment. Impress the right person and you could be recommended for a permanent position or be at the top of the list if a job opens up.

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