AssistantOffice clerical workers fill a diverse assortment of job duties – such as answering phones, keeping records, and scheduling appointments – in the workplace to support your staff. According to a recent survey from the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), most office administrative workers support three executives on average. Since office clerical candidates carry so much responsibility to help keep the workplace running smoothly, it is especially important to find the right person for the job. Be on the lookout for these five skills in the ideal office clerical candidate:

  1. Communication
    Your office clerical worker is typically the first point of contact outsiders have with your company. It is imperative that clerical workers are able to communicate in a pleasant and helpful manner with potential customers or clients – or else you could lose valuable business without even knowing it.
  2. Time Management
    Juggling multiple duties is par for the course in the average day of an office clerical worker. The ideal candidate needs to be able to prioritize tasks in order to complete the most important ones, while still meeting deadlines in the face of constant distractions or interruptions.
  3. Organizational
    Office clerical work can generally be summed up in one word: details. For your office to run smoothly, you need a candidate that is able to remain organized in the face of constant details, from delivering messages to scheduling meetings and keeping impeccable records for executives.
  4. Judgment
    The main reason offices need clerical workers is to handle the tasks that managers and executives are too busy to take care of – therefore, candidates must demonstrate they have the judgment skills required to make decisions, handle issues, and work without close supervision. They should have the initiative to ask questions when needed, without needing to be micromanaged.
  5. Technology
    With more and more standard administrative tasks becoming electronic, office clerical candidates need to be technologically savvy and open-minded to learning new programs. The most qualified candidates will have experience in working with basic word processing, spreadsheet, and online presentation programs, as well as electronic record database software.

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