As someone in charge of others, you have enormous responsibility. You want to take charge in such a way that you get the most out of your employees by being firm but fair. Respected but not necessarily feared. Here are some tips to rid your self of the stereotypical “boss” mentality and become known as a respected leader instead:

Work with your employees.

A typical boss gives orders and delegates but doesn’t always work alongside his or her employees to recognize their needs. The superior who leads his/her workers does so by listening to their needs and creating goals together, then supervising to make sure those goals are met. A good leader also knows their team well enough to understand how best to motivate them, making adjustments as required.

Lead by example.

A boss’ mentality demands respect rather than earning – often alienates their employees. A leader commands respect by example. Their actions earn the respect of those around. A leader is not averse to working right alongside employees if necessary to get the job done, including staying late with everyone else.

Teach and learn.

A quality leader shares their knowledge with employees, contributing to their growth as professionals. He or she stays on top of trends and innovations in the industry and shows employees how they can use that knowledge in their work. Leaders also recognizes that they can learn from employees as well – appreciating that while he or she may have a higher rank, that doesn’t mean they can’ learn from their employees.

Motivate, don’t scare.

The “Big Boss” leads by fear – criticizing when employees don’t meettheir standards rather than encouraging employees to do well. The person in change will get more out of hisor her employees if they build loyalty and earned respect, not by intimidation. A leader has clear goals and gives her/her staff the support and motivation they need to succeed. They recognizes, for example, that giving benefits such as a flexible work schedule or bonuses for hard work generate loyalty and work ethic that bring a team together.

As you figure out your own style, focus on being a leader rather than a boss — it will benefit you, your employees, and your company in the long run. For advice on how to best accomplish this, visit the qualified staff at PrideStaff – Akron today!

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