While you may have all of your current hiring needs filled at the moment, there may come a time when, planned or unplanned, you need another quality employee. Someone may leave for a new position, another person may not work out the way you planned, someone else gets sick, business makes it so you need more talent on board. It helps if you have a system in place that allows you to continuously find candidates, getting you away from reactive recruiting and having a strategy in place to fill the position before the need actually arises. In short, you need to create a talent pipeline.

The well-crafted talent pipeline does no end of good: It yields a lower cost per hire, a shorter hiring time, and a better candidate because you’ve already qualified them. All the research has been done by both candidate and employer before the interview even happens. Here are some ways to help build a successful talent pipeline:

Have touch points.

The idea of touch points comes from marketing – where you reach out to, or “touch”, the customer. So what points can you come up with that “sell” your company enough that a candidate will want to become a part of it by applying for a job? Consider how many touch points you’ll need to create to get the candidate to join your network, either remotely or as a job applicant.

Take care with time.

If you have a position open for a certain number of days, the quality candidate and passive candidates may miss it and you, therefore, miss out on them. Creating recruitment opportunities and landing pages means you give yourself endless days to bring candidates to you.

Use your employment brand.

Build a strategy that creates a network using various opportunities where a candidate can discover your brand casually. Think about using social media, such as posting upcoming job fairs or videos through Twitter or YouTube on your Career Page. You want your brand to tell candidates why they want to work with you – these little informational nuggets can encourage candidates to apply.

Embrace technology.

The millennial generation currently makes up 36 percent of today’s workforce, and that number will only grow. Considering that fact, coupled with the fact that our society simply has become one of multiple screens, it makes sense that using technology as part of your pipeline will only increase your chances of finding that quality candidate. Candidates are as much, if not more, likely to be searching for jobs on mobile devices, while still using a desktop computer. Bear in mind that your recruitment strategy should include those numerous screens.

Community matters.

That technology mentioned above connects us all in ways we never considered before. The successful talent pipeline understands and embraces that, recognizing the need for effectively reaching people through social media, referral platforms, and a strong company community. So make your resources, touch points, and other information readily available and as personalized as possible to the candidate you’re seeking. Creating a community doesn’t cost much, yet it can yield rich results in terms of finding quality talent.

Creating a pipeline will bring the good candidates to you continuously so you’ll have qualified, vetted talent available whenever you need it. For help putting a strategy together for your pipeline, visit PrideStaff Akron today.

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