Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to find a new job, either getting away from your current position or finally getting back into the workforce? You don’t have to go it alone–to help marshal your resources and cast a wide net for yourself, it will truly help if you make use of a staffing firm.

Their job is to help you find your job.

Think of it this way: A staffing firm’s purpose entails connecting job seekers with companies looking for quality hires. They’re the business equivalent of a dating site–although obviously focusing their talents on matching up compatible skill sets and experience with a position that best fits. Companies want to know they’re getting a well-vetted candidate, and staffing firms provide that service. So use a staffing firm to take some of the burden off yourself.

They have the inside scoop.

Want to find the jobs that aren’t advertised on Monster or Indeed? Connect with a staffing firm. Certain companies work with staffing firms as the firm’s clients–they want the best person for their industry, and the firm in turn helps them find what they want. Plus they’ll have job openings available to you either before they hit the general public or even the ones that may not make it that far. Some firms focus on specific industries, so it may help you to scout around a bit to help you focus your finding.

They’ll help you put your most professional foot forward.

For many staffing firms, it’s not just about you coming in with a ready resume and having them match you up. Staffing firms will help you with resume and cover letter writing–a website such as PrideStaff’s has a wealth of information ranging from when to look for jobs, to how to dress for the interview, to how to follow up afterward…and much more. As the PrideStaff folks put it, it’s the difference between looking for a job and finding one. With a staffing firm’s expertise combined with solid effort from you, you can present the best possible version of yourself and be well on your way to finding employment, whether temporary or permanent.

Considering January is also a key time for hiring with many companies, connect yourself with a staffing firm today to get ready for new employment in the new year. Visit PrideStaff to get yourself started.

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