“Everyone makes mistakes”–a very familiar platitude, and a very true one. And hopefully, we all learn from our mistakes (another familiar statement). When those mistakes occur in the hiring process, however, the lessons gleaned can range from minor and annoying to complicated, prolonged, and expensive. So take a look at some of the hiring mistakes you and others may have made in this past year and do what you can to avoid them in 2015.

Hiring in a hurry

If you need to hire someone to fill a sudden vacancy or have unexpected growth that requires you to bring in someone new, rushing to fill that spot almost never ends well. Not taking the time to do your due diligence with regard to the hiring process often results in hiring someone who’s just not right for the position–and that ends up meaning more time and money spent hiring someone else. Try to figure out your hiring needs over the next two years, basing it on previous trends and expected increases in business. Structure your teams so losing a key member won’t mean a gap in knowledge–others on the team can fill in while you look to find a replacement. 

Unclear expectations

To put it bluntly, if you want the right person for the position, you have to make your expectations and requirements clear in both the job description and the interview. Not doing so wastes both your time and the candidates’. Take the time to figure out exactly what you need and what you want, as well as the background the candidate needs to best fulfill the spot. Make sure you discuss a summary of the position, duties performed, background required, the purpose of the job, and next steps. Finding the right person takes time, but making expectations clear will make the process more efficient.

Not checking references

It happens–you take the time to find the right candidate, he interviews well, he seems like a great fit, so do you really need to check his references? Yes, without question. Another question: Is the potential burn worth the risk? You might want to consider telling the candidate flat-out that you plan to check references and note the reaction–it allows them to come clean, if necessary, about any issues. And most references will want to paint the candidate in a positive light, so listen to both the words and tone in the person’s response—both will tell you something. Skipping this step can lead to trouble you just don’t want or need.

These mistakes have various stories associated with them–do what you can in 2015 to ensure you have more positive hiring stories than negative ones. For help with hiring, visit PrideStaff.

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