The economy has picked up and, as we well know, there’s a somewhat different pool of talent to cull from when it comes to candidates. The type of person looking for work ranges from the recent college graduate, to the seasoned professional laid off due to cutbacks, to the person looking to make a career change, just to name a few. So with this new batch of candidates, many of whom have a great deal to offer, you as a potential employer or recruiter should look at new methods of hiring if you haven’t begun doing so already.

Here are some tips for rethinking your hiring methods:

Rethink job boards.

In the past, filling a position involved casting a wide net and throwing back all but the most qualified candidates. Now, with applications flooding sites like Monster and Indeed, you may want to scale back on which boards you use and how many positions you post there. Too often, you’ll get a huge pile of unqualified people, and the few who would do well get lost, or it takes you too long to respond to them while wading through the other applications. Consider posting positions to industry-specific or niche job boards (national or local) before moving to the broader ones. 

Look at different types of social media sites.

If you haven’t used LinkedIn yet to find a quality candidate, do so now. The site is designed to connect not only person to person, but also employer to potential employee. Within LinkedIn, you can specify a search for just who you’re seeking. Networking isn’t just for candidates looking to connect anymore. And don’t count out a site like Facebook to find talent…your friends may well have a quality candidate they can refer to you through public social job postings. 

Use your recruiters effectively.

Nowadays you can find recruiters who headhunt for your particular industry and have experience in networking rather than simply processing on paperwork. That expertise can also include luring passive candidates away from current jobs and bringing them to you. And recruiters do the work of connecting with candidates before the competitors can. As a side note, don’t count out employee referrals — sometimes the talent you already have works as a powerful resource.

As you look at hiring, make sure you use the most up-to-date methods for this updated workforce and economy. For help finding the best candidates, visit PrideStaff to take full advantage of their expertise.

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