If you’re looking to staff your warehouse, you probably want someone with a strong back and a good attitude. But there’s a lot more to a quality warehouse employee than that. Consider these points before you make your next hire.

Personality Traits of Good Warehouse Employees

If you’re looking to hire a warehouse manager, you want someone with solid organizational skills and an eye for detail. Running a warehouse requires having quite a few balls in the air at once, and if one gets dropped, it affects everything else.  A manager has to consider coordinating multiple departments; he must be able to organize everything and ensure everyone’s needs are met. He also needs to be authoritative and calm under pressure — as a supervisor, he has to work well with all employees and get the most out of them while simultaneously dealing with and solving any problems that occur.

As for warehouse employees, it really isn’t just heavy lifting anymore. A good warehouse worker has to have computer skills and the ability to interact well with customers — drivers in particular see more customers than salespeople, and they need to have a positive customer service attitude. And you also need to keep pay rates competitive to get higher quality workers and avoid turnover. You also want an employee who’s willing to take direction and listen well to his manager. Above all, as with any position, a quality warehouse employee should have a good sense of integrity and honesty. Asking behavioral questions rather than those that require simple answers will give you a good measure of the candidate.

Running a warehouse is just like any other business in that it requires solid employees whom you can depend on. For help with your hiring, visit PrideStaff, a leading staffing and recruiting agency in Akron, OH, to get qualified advice and suggestions. If you’re looking for top notch talent to fill your light industrial or warehouse job vacancies, we’ll help you get the talent you need.

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