Need to bring on staff but lack the time or resources to do so? The answer lies in using a staffing agency to help you. If you haven’t used an agency before, read on to discover the numerous benefits of using one to help you with your hiring needs.

Why should you use a staffing agency in Akron?

Think of it this way: A staffing agency exists to help companies find employees. They’re experts at the entire hiring process, finding quality candidates and matching them up with employers to find the best possible fit. They come in a range of hiring choices, from temporary or temp-to-perm to permanent. And they will likely have more resources and expertise (and time) than the average HR department – why pay for hiring consultants, recruiters, and the like when you have all of that combined in a staffing agency, and at a lower cost? Plus they know employment trends and recruitment practices simply through doing their jobs.

Regarding cost, staffing agencies take on the added expenses of background checks, drug screening, and pre-employment testing – they manage the whole employment process for you. Add to that the cost of benefits administration and payroll processing, and staffing agencies are particularly ideal for small businesses who need quality staff.

That quality staff often comes from the networks staffing agencies have. Agencies maintain relationships with numerous current and former employees, all vetted workers who might be looking for a new opportunity or a seasonal hire, taking the pressure off you to find the right fit. Because of their extensive networks, staffing agencies can often find the person you need in a matter of days (and sometimes sooner!). And if you want to cut down on turnover, use an agency to bring on temporary employees for high-volume placements – you can see if that person will be the right person for the job on a sort of trial basis, thus saving you stress and money when you don’t have to hire somebody else because of a poor fit.

Using a staffing agency in Akron, OH, like PrideStaff is really a win-win situation: You can find just the right employees you want for current or anticipated openings from an agency whose mission is to help match employers with employees. Why not call today? Get in touch with one of our staffing and recruitment experts and see how we can help you reach your goals.

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