Last month we wrote about personality traits to look for in warehouse employees. This month, we’ll expand on that a bit, focusing on necessary skills for warehouse managers and supervisors. While we delved into that a bit in March, we’ll go a little more in-depth here.

A good warehouse manager does just that — and by overseeing and coordinating the laborers, they also manage to function as both administrator and laborer. As such, they need to have a few key skills:

Physical fitness

Managers and supervisors don’t get to stand and watch the (often literal) heavy lifting; they need to be able to operate machinery and equipment, as well as helping lift and move items during the busiest times of the day in order to get work done.


A person in this position has to keep track of overall schedules (when shipments come in, when they need to go out, where everything has to go), as well as put together those of their employees. In addition, a manager has to check equipment and freight for any damage and schedule regular performance reviews. Staying on top of all of this requires a strong sense of organization.


Active listening skills and the ability to communicate instructions and needs clearly to employees make a warehouse manager successful. Miscommunications can lead to mistakes that affect overall productivity, not to mention serious injury. Clear communication also comes into play when training workers and providing structure — a quality supervisor makes overall and daily expectations obvious and enforces them.

A cool head

Sometimes conflicts do arise, and a good warehouse manager knows how to deal with them quickly and calmly, solving the problem effectively for all. Workers will recognize, respect, and respond to a manager who does this well.

When hiring, you may want to use personality tests to find the best candidates. Visit PrideStaff for help setting up what you need and figuring out what sort of warehouse supervisor will work best for you.

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