Remember that line from Mary Poppins, “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.” Let’s face it: It’s not always easy to find that fun element in every job. Some jobs just seem…boring. Even bosses have to admit that. So how do you manage to help employees find that “spoonful of sugar” to help their motivation?

Overall, employees want a reason to come to work each day; and a boss whom they view as a competent leader and tasks worth completing go a long way toward creating that motivation.  So what can you do as a leader to accomplish this?

Create a connected workplace

If employees feel they know each other, they’ll work much better as a team. So celebrate birthdays and anniversaries together, start a tradition like a holiday potluck or a cookie-baking competition (friendly competition in all aspects of work can help motivate), or have the office take a well-deserved break during the workday every so often. For yourself as a leader, be available and encourage ownership of ideas and projects — this will help employees feel more connected to their workplace and what they do every day.

Recognize employees

Call out people’s professional achievements and accomplishments — everyone wants acknowledgement for hard work, whether personal or for the company’s benefit. Always give credit where it’s due, and recognize people’s strengths. Above all, listen to your employees and take time out of your busy day to hear their ideas and their concerns…for many employees, this alone goes a long way toward motivation because they feel they have a voice.

Have a creative atmosphere

Want to combat employee boredom? Keep an open mind and be flexible. Show employees you want to examine new methods and possible changes. Encourage picking up a new skill and putting it to use, and embrace each person’s individuality — everyone has something unique to contribute.

An overall positive work environment is one where employees see themselves creating a career, not just a stopgap on the way to something else. In order to do that for your company, take these tips under advisement to keep your employees motivated…and your business thriving. Visit PrideStaff for ideas on how to put these suggestions into practice.

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