If you’ve ever worked in an office and really paid close attention, you’ve come to the realization that a good administrative assistant plays an absolutely invaluable role in making that office (and the life of whoever they’re working for) run smoothly. And it’s way more than just getting coffee, typing emails and memos, and answering the phone. So what personality traits make a quality administrative assistant?


First and foremost, an administrative assistant needs to be a superior communicator. An administrative assistant serves as the first impression one gets of the manager, often before they even meet. The admin must know how to communicate well and clearly with everyone and act as the “voice” of the manager or executive they work for, all while maintaining a professional attitude.

Problem Solving

In that same vein, a quality administrative assistant needs to be an efficient problem solver. They will likely have to deal with the frustrated and angry clients, and deal with any other issues that come up, so they have to be able to have a great deal of patience, use their listening skills well to understand the problem and think quickly to come up with a viable solution. As the first line of defense, the admin assistant keeps things running smoothly – and fixes them when the bumps arise, doing so with discretion and diplomacy.


And the most successful administrative assistants are incredibly organized. They pay attention to details and multi-task effectively, keeping multiple plates spinning at the same time. It helps to have that sort of “Type A” personality where they stay on top of everything, keeping track of all objectives, projects, and events. The organized administrative assistant uses the tools available to them to manage the many tasks, small and large, daily and long term, of their employer.

Team Player

Finally, administrative assistants must have a “team player” mentality, knowing how best to support and work with their employer, as well as others in the office. They have the attitude of jumping in where needed instead of pushing work off onto others, and know that a team works best when everyone does their part – including them.

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