Been at your job long enough that you feel you’ve begun to outgrow it a bit and want more of a challenge? If you’re working at a place that allows for some upward mobility, answer another question: What have you done to get yourself mobile? In other words, what can you do to earn yourself a promotion?

First, some tough love: If you’ve come from the more recent generations who all got a trophy for playing and As for doing imperfect work, you need to understand that you will not get promoted simply for doing your job. That’s a general expectation, not a rationale for moving up the ladder. Even if you’re not from one of those generations, you must understand that in order to get promoted, you have to prove to your employer that you’re worthy of one. So make sure these habits become part of your daily routine if they haven’t already:

Attitude matters.

Most employers agree that they’d rather promote the hard worker with less experience than the more experienced one who does the bare minimum. Education and years don’t necessarily mean you’re the best person for the job if you’ve branded yourself as difficult to work with. The employee who works well with others, learns all she can, and does more than what’s asked of her will earn a promotion more readily than her colleagues who don’t follow her good example.

Solve problems.

One great way to show that you’re promotion material? Become the fixer–become the problem-solver. If you consistently show that you can figure out solutions when trouble arises or see where problems will arise and anticipate how to head them off, that skill is one that any employer will value. When you see how something can be done more efficiently or better, voice your ideas and demonstrate that you’re both involved and proactive about figuring things out.

Rack up results.

Always keep track of the results of the work you do. While it may seem obvious to you that successes and improvements occur because of your actions, your superior may not realize it from their vantage point–and it’s important that you can demonstrate your own value to others. That’s not bragging; it’s showing that you appreciate and understand your company’s goals, as well as how to meet them.

Employers want to promote employee who improve their business. Get into the habit of doing what you can to make those improvements and do something good for yourself as well. Visit PrideStaff for advice on how best to be a worker who will rise up the corporate ladder.

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