When looking for an administrative candidate, you obviously want to find someone with a certain set of skills who can do the job well. But what about when you come across a candidate who can do the job…too well? Do you really want to consider a person whose skill set seems to go way beyond what you need? Don’t overlook them just yet–take a few points into consideration before you put them in the reject pile.

Avoid assumptions

Ask enough questions so you can assuage your fears that they’re simply using you as a “transitional” job before moving on to something bigger and better. This candidate may want to pick up new skills utilizing the ones she already has. Or perhaps she’s willing to take less pay for a better location, a stable company, or a somewhat flexible schedule.

Focus on the positives 

Taking on someone who seems overqualified can also mean you don’t have to spend large amounts of time training him–he’ll have the experience and skills to make onboarding a relatively quick process and a more seamless transition. And this means he’ll begin making quality contributions earlier as well. Not only that, but he can help out other less experienced administrative newcomers. In addition, considering that a quality administrative assistant deals with some of your most pressing and sensitive information, it’s great to have someone working for you whom you can trust to take care of things properly.

Consider the value of your investment 

In an “overqualified” candidate, you’re ultimately getting someone who won’t feel overwhelmed or burn out quickly but will have the motivation to get going in this new position and do it to the best of her ability…and then some. Her other skills may give her an edge that another candidate won’t have, and she may bring new ideas to the way she does her job that will benefit both of you. Chances are good that she can easily balance the multiple tasks any good administrative assistant deals with on a given day and do them well–once again, it’s one less worry for you.

If you do choose to hire the overqualified candidate, ask questions beforehand to make sure it will truly be the right fit for both of you, just as you would with anyone interviewing. To help tailor questions for such a candidate in order to get the most helpful answers, visit PrideStaff.

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