When hiring for warehouse management, you want someone whom you can trust. This job requires a combination of good communication, good organization, a cool head, and physical fitness. Addressing the first three qualities takes the most time, so here are three questions to ask your candidates to see if they measure up to your standards.

  1. Describe your management style

 You’ll get a good sense of how the candidates communicate with others and how they interact with those around them, both those they are managing and superiors, as well as customers. Are these take-charge kind of people? Do they delegate with authority or seem like they’d rather let others take the reins? Do they respect others and the roles they play? Are these people you can trust on the floor with minimal supervision? Having the candidates tell you about how they manage people and projects will give you those answers. 

  1. What programs or systems have you used/introduced to streamline internal operations?

 You want a manager who does whatever it takes to make the warehouse run as smoothly as possible. If the candidates can tell you about steps they’ve taken to make internal operations more efficiently, they understand the big picture and appreciate that time is essential in getting product in and out with few to no mistakes. This question can also give you insight as to how they deal with co-workers and subordinates. 

  1. Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a problem on the job

 This gets at the heart of whether the candidates have a cool head in hot situations. It tells you whether they can think on their feet or, if the situation warrants, if they took the time to think about the problem and then act accordingly. A great manager can do both and knows when to do one or the other. You’ll also once again get a great sense of how they deal with difficult employees or customers.

Finding a good warehouse manager is a must, as they have many hats to wear, as well as many responsibilities and people to be held accountable to. For help finding the right fit for your company in Akron, OH and surrounding areas, visit PrideStaff.

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