A job is not just about the salary and the benefits package. In order for you to stay at your job (and like going in every day), you should find a place that’s the right fit for you. Admittedly, sometimes you have to take a job you may not like out of necessity, but if you can work at a place that has a company culture you agree with, it will mean less stress and frustration for you, which in turn will likely lead to success. So how do you find that company culture fit that works best for you?

  1. Get to know the company

Look at the website, any social media feeds they keep, news articles written about them. Look at their mission statement and read the “About Us” section on the website: what is their philosophy? What do they value? Does it fall in line with your own values and what’s important to you?  Does the website give you the sense of a more creative, open environment or one that’s more traditional and buttoned-down? Do they support causes you’d like to align with? Monthly happy hours? This will give you a good sense of the day-to-day and the overall culture. 

  1. Take mental notes during the interview

How does the interviewer treat you–friendly, formal, or a combination? When you get the chance to ask questions, ask about what constitutes a typical day and what the preferred style of communication is. Their answers (listen to their words and examine their body language) will give you an idea of what working there would entail on a daily basis. 

  1. Find out about benefits (and not just the financials)

What do they offer aside from holidays and salary raises? Do they allow for growth opportunities and will they support you if you want to take a class to improve your skills? Do they offer flexible hours for a better work-life balance? Health insurance? Certain types of rewards? You want to figure out what incentives the company offers and what you need to do to earn them to see if they offer benefits that you find important. 

  1. Examine the atmosphere

As you walk in, how are you greeted?  Look around and observe how employees dress and interact with each other. Do they seem happy? Stressed? Are they allowed to show a little personality in their personal spaces, or does the office look more uniform and stark? Do you see animated conversation or a more quiet atmosphere? You should know how you work best; find an office that will fit your work personality best.

Don’t overlook office culture when job hunting; you’ll thrive in an environment that matches most closely to how you work best. For help figuring out what culture will work best for you, visit PrideStaff of Akron, OH.

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