We as Americans don’t always take advantage of our vacation time… Perhaps it has something to do with the immense pressure we immediately put on ourselves after coming back to work. That first-day-back transition can feel fairly ugly if you don’t anticipate it before leaving, so take some of these tips to heart so that the next time you take a getaway, the “come-back” doesn’t feel quite so harsh.

  • Anticipate what you can.

Considering a vacation has to be planned out weeks or even months in advance, do as much of the same as possible when it comes to your work schedule. Avoid scheduling large projects during your time away or get them done before leaving so you don’t have to play catch-up when you return … and you don’t spend your vacation thinking about unfinished business. Let your co-workers and clients know when you’ll be out so they can plan accordingly as well.

  • Tell your co-workers when you’re returning … but give it one more day with clients.

Leave your “away” message on your voicemail and email the first day you go back to work. That way, your co-workers know that you’re in the office and available, but it allows you some time to catch up on emails and other items you missed while you were gone – before clients start contacting you with their next big concern or project.

  • Don’t shortchange yourself on sleep.

Chances are good that on vacation you allowed yourself some late nights and slow mornings, so that alarm going off on your first day back may have felt like a true rude awakening. For the first half of the week, do what you can to get to sleep a little earlier than usual to get back on track.

  • Talk about the vacation upon return.

Just because you’re back from the vacation doesn’t mean it never happened – on the contrary, it may take some of those stress-free feelings into your work week to speak with colleagues about where you went and what you did. Look at it as a small way to connect with your colleagues and remind yourself of the good times you had, putting you in a positive mindset for the week.

Coming back from a vacation isn’t easy, but you can make that first day back a little more bearable. For help with any work-related frustrations, visit PrideStaff.

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