Consider a few numbers: LinkedIn currently has over 400 million users and growing. The average CEO has 930 connections on LinkedIn. And there are two new LinkedIn users per second. So if you haven’t become part of the 107 million LinkedIn users in the U.S., you’ve got quite a few reasons to join up and use the site to your best marketing advantage.

  • Make it work for you.

LinkedIn is the platform; you have to use it to your best advantage. Make sure you have your own updated profile and put your company on there as well so others can find you as well. Whether in person or online, business grows by reaching out … LinkedIn allows you to connect with those in your industry, as well as reach out to those you’d like to meet through a mutual connection. Accept invitations from those who seem like they’d foster beneficial relationships. You never know when someone on LinkedIn may benefit you and your company down the line.

  • Utilize LinkedIn groups.

Want to connect with people in your specific industry? You can find hundreds of communities, either by asking to join or receiving an invitation, in a targeted area that can benefit your company. With groups you can ask specific questions, find out inside details, and up your content marketing. And the more you participate in discussions and add topical posts to your groups, the more response you’ll get. Plus LinkedIn will suggest groups to you based on your company profile and the groups you belong to. Regular monitoring and posting basically gives you free advertising – what’s not to like?

  • Yes, free marketing.

On that note, consider that you can post links to your own company’s content, ranging from blog posts to articles about your latest innovations. Consider connecting your website to LinkedIn so every time you add a new blog post, LinkedIn will share the update. Then, in a few days, you can post the long form version as well. That’s three forms of exposure, all for free. In this way you increase visibility of your company whenever you post to your company’s LinkedIn page, your page, and any groups that might find it interesting.

The name says it all: LinkedIn will allow your company to connect with others in the industry, getting and giving insight and connections in the business world. For advice on how best to utilize it, visit PrideStaff.

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