Have you ever searched a website in vain for something that should have been easily accessible? Or begun signing up for something that required an overly complicated application process? Or waited weeks for a response from a client? If you want the best candidates to vie for positions at your company, you have to make them want to apply – and that involves making the process an easy and pleasant one for them. Think of it this way: You have your clients/customers you do business with, but candidates hold a sort of client status as well in that your company should appeal to the best ones possible. Consider these three points to give candidates the best experience with you:

  • The initial encounter.

If you want quality candidates to both find your company and apply for positions, you need to make it accessible in all ways. Use social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, and popular job hunting sites (national or local) to create an online presence and provide easy links to application pages and jobs on your company website. To that end, make sure your website clearly directs candidates to the application if they choose to search directly on your site. Then, streamline the application so it doesn’t involve myriad screens and boxes to fill in … no candidate wants to deal with a digital obstacle course when attempting to apply for a job.

  • Keeping the candidate in the loop.

Once the candidate has applied, stick to a reasonable timeline and share that with the candidate. Add an expected hire date to the job description so the candidate will have some idea of how long to wait – and avoid the mistake of writing “As soon as possible” and then taking months to make a decision, a great way to lose interested quality candidates. Once you’ve chosen them for the next round, send an email or call to let them know the next steps … and again, stick to that timeline. This shows a candidate that you appreciate a schedule and accountability for yourself and your company, something any good candidate appreciates.

  • Showing respect.

Keeping a candidate informed of the timeline demonstrates that you respect their efforts and see them as a person, not merely a name on a resume. While hiring a new employee creates stress for you, don’t forget that those candidates certainly have a measure of stress as well, combined with hope and fear about their working future. Respect their time as well by getting back to them and letting them know next steps in the process … and respect their application by letting them know, again in a timely fashion, if they didn’t get the position. A major complaint from candidates includes receiving no notice whatsoever that they didn’t get chosen for an interview. Even a generic email is better than no acknowledgment.

Candidates talk and share their experiences – make sure you do what you can to rank as a positive one with your application process. For help with your hiring, reach out to PrideStaff.

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