In some ways, hiring may feel like the NFL draft. Each year, there’s a relatively finite group of athletes to choose from, and certain teams have certain needs; a few need a quarterback, some need quality defensemen, others need offensive tackles. So those teams scout out the top candidates for each position and do what they can to make their team the one their number-one pick wants…and hope that somebody else doesn’t scoop him up first. When it comes to hiring, the situation may feel similar in that there’s a small group of the most talented candidates in each industry, and it’s really the candidate’s choice as to where they choose to go. So how do you make your company the one they want to work for?

Talk yourself up.

Think of the fact that most of us won’t buy something that has earned less than a four-star review or its equivalent. To put it simply, you bring in the talent through your reputation. You’ve always known this, so do what you can to let others know. Ask satisfied clients to give you reviews on LinkedIn or that you can put on your website/in a brochure. Make sure you’re listed favorably on websites such as Glassdoor (top talent shops around, too — it’s not just for the average job seeker). Get recommendations from industry experts that you can share with interested candidates. Make them want to come to you because they know who you are and what you offer.

Consider compensation.

The top candidates know they have some leverage when it comes to discussing salary and other perks; you have to know it and take it into consideration as well when trying to bring them on. Make sure you know what sort of top salaries your competition offers and do what you can to match them. Even if you offer a bit less money but more in benefits, that can give you an edge. If you constantly track compensation trends in your industry and stay current and competitive, the star talent will take notice.

Make perks worthwhile.

To that end, make sure your side benefits don’t seem like a gimmick to bring in the best candidates — they’ll see that coming. Consider offering flexible scheduling, a work choice that resonates particularly with the up-and-coming (and large) group of millennial candidates. You also want to see about putting together a worthwhile health insurance package, easing the stress of many a candidate, and continuing education, which shows you want to give employees the opportunity for lifelong learning.

Offer other services.

Most of today’s younger top talent look at their next employer as a stop on their career path. How long they stay may depend on you. If you offer such services as career coaching, qualification tests, and training courses, you’re demonstrating that you want employees to improve as they work with you; you want to help them improve as they move along that career path. And even if they don’t take advantage of it themselves, often your best candidates will mention it to other potential employees.

Bring the best talent to you by giving them multiple reasons to seek you out, getting that edge on the competition. To get the best players on your team, visit PrideStaff.

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