As potential candidates look at employers, they value company culture just as much – and sometimes more – than a steady paycheck, particularly the millennial generation, which will soon make up almost half the workforce. The reality is that you need to advertise yourself to candidates just as much as they have to show their best qualities to you in order to find a well-balanced match. If you have a company culture that you know will appeal to top job seekers, you want to do what you can to let them know about it by showing them what your culture entails in every step of the hiring process.

  • Show how the company engages with the position.

During that initial interview with HR, they need to make it clear and specific to the candidate how the role connects to the rest of the company. Rather than speaking in broad terms, focus on the details of the role and indicate that they take it seriously, demonstrating that the company has the means and intention to utilize everyone rather than sectioning work off. 

  • Toot your own horn.

If you want potential employees to know what an amazing place you are, take up the resume angle and let them know about your company’s achievements, complete with quantifiable numbers if possible. This shows job seekers what you’ve done and where you’re going – and if you frame it right, they’ll want to come with you and help the company grow. 

  • Give candidates a seat at the table.

To that end, talk to the candidate about what they’ll be involved in and how they can grow; let them know what sort of path a career with your company can take. If you have recent initiatives, discuss them with the candidates and ask for their opinion and what approach they would take. In discussing this you’ll also give a good idea as to your company’s culture in terms of what sort of pace you all set and whether you take a formal or informal path. 

  • Extend the interview beyond one room.

After the formal interview, take the candidate for a walk around the office to show them around and introduce them to other staff – their potential coworkers. What better way to show off your culture than allowing a look at the real thing? You may also want to consider having the team they’ll work with sit in on the interview as well to allow the candidate to get a feel for how everyone will work together. 

  • Keep it timely.

Anyone who’s ever waited weeks for a response after an interview gets the impression that the company doesn’t truly care about the hire – the person or the position. No matter the next step (follow-up interview or making an offer), do so promptly. Even if candidate doesn’t quite fit this particular role, who knows what may come up down the line…and it gives a positive impression of your company culture by showing respect for the job and the person’s time.

Whether your company focuses on sales or not, you’re always selling yourself to get the best talent. Showing off the company culture goes a long way toward bringing them on board. Next time you want to promote your culture to job seekers, do so with some help from PrideStaff.

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