Considering that millennials (the generation born between 1980 and 1999) will make up half of the work force in the coming years (and predicted 75 percent by 2025), you need to make sure your company has what appeals to them. Millennials’ work wants and needs differ from that of either baby boomers or generation X, and it benefits you to find the best ways to attract and recruit them.

  1. It’s about more than money.

Millennials would rather work a low-paying job that they love than a high salary at a position that bored them. They want a position with a clear work-life balance, and they want to work at a company where they truly feel they can make a contribution and create something. A job isn’t just a paycheck to a millennial; you must find a way to let them know they will personally have the ability to use their skills and have some sort of tangible results but not have to commit their lives to the job. 

  1. Consider your brands.

Remember you have to sell yourself to your candidates, and your clients should as well. Millennials want to know about a company’s goals, purpose, and background, and all of that has to pique their interest enough that they want to become a part of it. Millennials will research a company thoroughly before interviewing, and they’ll examine a company’s social media presence and branding identity. Make sure you have a strong showing with regard to each and that your social media savvy complements your company’s brand. 

  1. Pitch values that match theirs.

Put them with clients who have a similar ideology and figure out how they can best use their skills, and give them room to grow. Millennials are about strong and open communication. They want to take pride in working for a company with strong values. as well as get a chance to add value to the company through their own efforts. This group, when given the opportunity to do something they truly care about, will arise as your most dedicated, engaged, and creative employees. 

  1. Take a gender-based approach.

Take note that men and women have different needs when approaching a new job. Men focus on good compensation and like to feel challenged by an innovative company. On the other side, women want a job with a good work-life balance and place a great deal of importance on finding a company culture that matches with theirs. So, when recruiting millennials, try to match candidates with a job that offers a chance for career advancement, along with good compensation and benefits.

To recruit this large, dynamic group best, know how millennials think and work – and do what you can to get them working for you. For help with your next great recruit, visit PrideStaff.

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