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Want your next great quality employee but don’t know how to narrow down the pool? Consider a veteran. When you consider the skills and experience they bring to the workforce outside of that gained on the job, you’ll realize the true value of hiring one.

  • They have desired managerial skills.

Ask a manager or employer what skills she wants most in her employees, and she’ll likely say she wants someone with a well-defined work ethic, leadership skills, and the ability to work well with others. Does this unicorn exist? Absolutely — the average veteran has those skills in abundance. Veterans are used to getting the job done, literally or figuratively: They’ve had the training to focus on the best and most efficient methods for task completion. And those placed in leadership positions during their time understand the concepts of taking charge, delegating tasks, and motivating others. Plus they have almost instinctual teamwork skills from having constantly functioned in such settings, knowing the importance of building a team who can trust each other with their lives. 

  • They have excellent follow-through.

Regarding task completion, veterans know how to get things done…and they won’t stop until they complete their tasks. Veterans understand how to look at the big picture and figure out a plan to fulfill the mission, so to speak. They don’t shy away from hard work, and they won’t clock out at quitting time if they haven’t finished a pressing task. And if challenges arise, they know how to meet and surmount them while staying focused on the endgame. 

  • They’re trustworthy on all counts.

Veterans understand the importance of integrity and responsibility. They appreciate that all actions have consequences, so they don’t make decisions lightly and understand that theirs affect everyone around them. Therefore, they think carefully about their actions and act for the good of the team. And veterans are honest about what they think, not hesitating to speak up when they see a problem or believe processes need to change. 

  • They acclimate quickly.

Veterans necessarily have had to pick up skills on the fly, and they do so within a work setting as well. They’re used to training and can incorporate new knowledge seamlessly into their everyday work lives. This goes for technology as well, which has become more and more essential to the military life. Often, the tech skills they acquire in the military help them on the job, and they have a world perspective unique to veterans that they can apply to a growing company outlook.

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