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When you get to the point that your current job doesn’t meet your needs, whatever the reason, obviously a job search must begin. But how do you manage it quietly, without alerting your current boss that you want to move on before you’re ready to tell the news yourself? In some respects, telling a boss that you plan to leave will result in a possible bonus for you, either in salary, position, or a combination of the two. On the other hand, letting your cards show can lead to a negative response that may range anywhere from getting a reputation as a disloyal backstabber to getting fired on the spot in some extreme cases. So tread lightly until you feel ready to break the news yourself.

  • Avoid changing your work persona.

As you begin checking out new opportunities, you may begin mentally checking out by easing up on your enthusiasm at work. A boss will notice if your work habits become less devoted, for example, by volunteering less to tackle new projects or take on overtime. Keep up appearances at any social work functions and don’t give a boss any reason to question your suddenly changing habits. 

  • Keep any job activity off the premises.

In a similar vein, do everything you can to schedule any interviews outside of working hours. Whether you have to do an early-morning coffee, a lunchtime meeting, or an after-hours interview, make it happen: Taking sporadic half-days or even entire days will raise a red flag to an employer that you’ve begun to set your sights elsewhere. And whatever you do, do NOT wear your interview outfit to work. Even if you have to get creative with a car, a public bathroom, the gym, or the last remaining phonebooth, change into your outfit outside of your current place of employment. 

  • Take extra care with your social media.

Have you become “friends” with your boss on LinkedIn or Facebook? If so, take extra care with your settings: Again, a boss will take notice if you suddenly update your profile with skills, a new and professional picture, and a revamped general profile. You can also go into your settings and edit your privacy controls so others won’t see your activity broadcasts, even going so far as to limit your activity feed to only yourself. You can also eliminate feed updates of when you update your profile or follow other companies. And absolutely don’t make the error of writing anything on social media about a job search…you never know who may mention something to your boss even if you aren’t directly connected. 

  • Play it close to the vest.

You may feel excited about looking for a new job, but save yourself potential anguish and just don’t mention it at work. To anyone. At all. A slip of the tongue, either accidentally or intentionally, could create a very awkward situation for you.

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