If you feel the need to add something to your resume, seriously consider temporary employment. Gone are the days when temp work meant you couldn’t find a job because you weren’t good enough to find a permanent one, many companies regularly utilize temporary hires to meet their needs. This sort of employment may well fill a need for you as well in terms of your marketability.

  • It gives you the right kind of experience.

Want to find a way in to your chosen industry? Find temp work in it. This sort of job helps answer the age-old question of how to find a job without experience and how to find experience without a job. Particularly for a company or area that doesn’t easily hire outsiders, temporary employment gets you on the inside and allows you to build up your background in that area…possibly allowing you to get the scoop on positions and face time with potential managers or employers. 

  • It helps you avoid resume gaps.

While today’s employers understand candidates may have time between jobs, temp work allows you to keep your skills sharp and prove to that employer that you made it a point to stay in the game. Long gaps raise a red flag for employers, fair or not, that a candidate may not have the best work ethic or attitude. And not only does it help you pay your bills, it keeps you focused on your ultimate goal of finding a more permanent position and opens the door to networking – employers prefer to hire someone they know and have vetted. 

  • It lets you build on your skills.

Perhaps on your last interview you didn’t get the position because they wanted someone with more experience in Area A. Enter temporary employment – if you take on a six-month position that has you working in that area, you’ve just solved your problem for the next interview. Plus it gives you the chance to try something new and learn from your mistakes without as much fear of jeopardizing your position. Any skill you can add to a resume makes you a stronger candidate for the next long-term position that comes along.

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