It happens – sometimes you realize that, even though you’ve chosen a certain career path, you discover it’s just not going the way you wanted it to and you may feel stuck. But what can you do? You’ve invested time and energy, made connections, and possibly sunk money into loans to make this happen. But you may feel unsure – is this just a flash-in-the-pan frustration or something more?

  1. You feel bored and listless.

If you went into a job feeling energized and ready to meet the challenges and now feel burdened to get out of bed and find the willpower to go to work every day, it may well be time to move on from your current situation. And if you feel drained of energy even before going to work, that feeling will inevitably find its way into other parts of your life. 

  1. You feel jealous of others and their jobs.

You may have chosen a certain career direction and done fairly well but feel pangs of envy when you hear others talking about their field … and stopping to consider why you feel that way can tell you something. Break it down: Do you feel jealous of their compensation or schedule? The people they work with? Or is it that you wish you could do what they do because your heart actually lies in that industry? Your green-eyed monster may actually be telling you something important about where you want to go with your own career. 

  1. Your boss/company doesn’t value your talent.

If you work hard, make improvements, and have no opportunities for any kind of advancement, you probably want to look elsewhere. While you won’t get a pat on the head and recognition for simply doing your job at most workplaces, if you go above and beyond and get no trust of your potential, start looking for another opportunity to grow. 

  1. You’re in a negative workplace culture.

A workplace where you have to watch your every more, where leaders show no transparency, where false promises abound…that’s no place you can really create a successful career. You shouldn’t feel you have to work at a place where the culture basically corrupts those within it and harms your performance and, as a result, your advancement opportunities. 

  1. You can’t be yourself.

This doesn’t mean you get to plaster your office with your favorite posters. Rather, it means you have the freedom to function in your position using your strengths and acting in a way that comes naturally to you. When an employer forces you to change what you do best and work in a manner that doesn’t utilize your strengths (and probably what you were hired for), you cannot act as your authentic self. You need to move on.

When considering a career change, look at these points carefully if any apply to you, you may want to visit PrideStaff to see what will career will fit you better.

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