As a leader, part of your role includes motivating your employees to do more, expand themselves, reach high for their goals. But what happens when you simply don’t feel motivated yourself? Whether you’ve simply had a long, sleepless week or find yourself in a bit of a slump — and we all have them — look at these apps to increase your energy and output, thus driving you to invigorate your employees. Fair warning: Do take all of them with a grain of salt; studies and science have shown that these sorts of apps don’t quite have the ability to “train your brain” the way they originally stated, but they can get your mind going, thus helping up your motivation.


One of the most touted (and most controversial) of the “brain training” apps, Lumosity helps increase cognitive function by having you play daily games that focus on improving core cognitive abilities. Its conceptual games will keep your brain active, and it has a number of different ones so you don’t end up repeating them too often. Their program does have some good science behind it (more than 50 studies from at least 40 different universities), although it’s a bit costly at $60.00/year.


Similar to Lumosity, Peak’s games have evidence that they really do help “train” the brain from universities such as Cambridge and Yale. The games help with memory, problem solving, emotional control, language, coordination, creativity, and more. It also offers Advanced Training Sessions that focus on specific skills. The highlight is its Coach feature, which helps you figure out what games fit into your schedule and urges you to keep going and work harder. One year costs $34.99.

Any long-term goal seems more insurmountable when viewed as a huge task. helps you take that goal and break it down into smaller, more manageable short-term tasks to help you achieve it. The real plus? You can take your “run a marathon” goal and find a community of like-minded goal seekers pursuing it as well, thus motivating each other through conversations and “Props” (think of Facebook “Likes”). The app also has notifications to keep you on track. Plus, it’s free!


Want to keep your brain exercising and learn a new language for free? Try Duolingo. Considering the fact that we live in an increasingly global world, it can only help to learn a new language, and Duolingo helps make that happen with just five minutes a day. It has a wide variety of languages to choose from, and, while the laptop version allows for the most detailed lessons, you can use the app on your tablet or phone as well. You can also network with others learning the language to encourage each other to keep going, and there’s an easily accessible community for when you have questions.

While these apps may not apply directly to your work, the fact of the matter is that sometimes you need some outside help to keep you motivated in the workplace. To get motivated to find your next great job, visit PrideStaff.

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