As you go through an interview, know that you’ll get your chance to ask questions as a sort of wrap-up. While you’ll obviously have a chance for some discussion as you speak with the interviewer, make sure you take full advantage of the opportunity to ask questions of your own. Choose them carefully so you get the most information about the position; these three will help you gauge whether you’ll fit well with the position and the company itself.

  1. “What three attributes does someone need in order to be really successful in this position?”

This one relates specifically to the job. By asking this, you make the interviewer think about the position and what they really want, getting a clear idea of the top skills or qualities that will help you do best in the position. This question also allows you to respond, pointing out how you will embody each attribute and how your experience lends to each. 

  1. “How would you describe the work environment here – is the work more collaborative or independent?”

With this question, you find out about the culture, a significant part of any work experience. Both employers and employees view culture as an integral part of the workplace: If your [working] personality doesn’t fit that of the workplace, you probably won’t feel comfortable there and will have a much harder time connecting with both your colleagues and the way the office runs. Asking this question helps you understand the everyday flow of the office: Is it a lot of teamwork or are employees more isolated and disconnected? 

  1. “Where do you see the company in the next few years?”

Ask this question because you are, in fact, working for a company and should know about its overall mission and plans. While you likely perused their website, you want to know straight from someone who works there what plans they have and if you can become a part of them. Plus, an interviewer who gives a vague or unsure answer indicates to you that this company isn’t quite sure of its own goals…and that doesn’t bode well for longevity or transparency for you.

Any interview may seem daunting, but if you go in with these questions at the ready, you’ll gain a much broader idea of what you’re getting into if you take the job. For help getting that next interview, visit PrideStaff.

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