The irony of our improving economy is that with more companies adding positions, it can lead to a lack of candidates competing for positions. If you find yourself affected by fewer available candidates, you can take these four steps to improve your odds of finding employees and overcoming the general labor shortage.


  • Plan ahead.

In any company, vacancies may suddenly open up: An employee leaves for another position, they move away, a family commitment arises. If you don’t have a plan ready, you may find yourself scrambling to fill a key role. Look at your hiring needs by figuring out success factors and risks connected with your workforce. Include such data as good recruitment strategies, key behavioral traits, and what causes turnover. When you know these answers, you’ll have a much easier time finding qualified employees to plug the holes in your workforce. 


  • Understand employees want more than a good salary.

If you want to entice candidates, don’t consider compensation as the main draw. In fact, most millennials – the fastest-growing working generation – view work-life balance as more important than salary. If you offer flexible schedules and telecommuting options, you’ll open yourself up to far more candidates. 


  • Think outside the [hiring] box.

The usual methods not working for you? Look at alternative talent pools such as veterans and retirees, hire via social media such as LinkedIn, or consider candidate referrals. While their experience may not fit perfectly in the role, you’d be surprised at what a good attitude and wealth of experience can bring. 


  • Bulk up your talent pipeline.

As an employer, you want to have quality candidates ready to contact should an opportunity arise. Consider forming partnerships with those who have growing talent such as educational institutions – think of what you can gain from offering student training or internships! You should also seriously think about connecting with a staffing agency such as PrideStaff, who always has talent at the ready.

Don’t let the labor shortage affect your company. Think ahead and make sure PrideStaff is part of your hiring plan.

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