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We always talk about active job seeking, but what about passive job seeking? The truth is passive job seeking can actually help improve your professional path.

  • It keeps you current.

In simple terms, if you don’t look for something, you won’t find it. That’s not to say you should remain unsatisfied with your current job, always looking for the greener grass, but it doesn’t hurt to stay on top of trends and growth in your industry. When you keep abreast of job opportunities, it may encourage you to learn something new if you see that companies are looking for a certain skill. Adding to your own skill set can either help you move up at your current job or make yourself more appealing to another company. 

  • It allows you to connect with staffing agencies.

Even if you’re simply keeping your options open, working with a staffing agency such as PrideStaff lets you stay on top of potential opportunities, including ones you wouldn’t find simply by looking on job websites because staffing agencies have relationships not only with their clients (i.e., you), but also with companies looking for quality employees. Those companies will often let staffing agencies know when positions open up before posting them to the public, and you never know when an opportunity may crop up in your field that would put you on the next step in your career path. 

  • It helps you prepare for the unexpected.

Sometimes companies take bad turns and realize they have to downsize. If you have continued to passively search for other positions, you’ll already have a plan in place should the need arise. It’s a smart move to keep your resume updated and your LinkedIn profile current so you don’t have to start from square one. And if you’ve spent time networking as you search, you can speak with one of your connections about possible opportunities, sometimes even something better than you had previously.

Consider passive job seeking as a sort of Scout motto: Always be prepared. Keeping your eye out for new jobs will help you keep your own skills sharp and be ready for whatever may crop up. And working with PrideStaff will only help that search.

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