As a manager, of course you have work you must do, and some of that will include a fair amount of stress. But what happens when you start having to deal with a less-than-fair amount? If a boss begins to put too many demands on your plate, you have the choice to take some of them off … or risk dropping the whole thing. So, recognize the signs and do what you can to make your own plate manageable.


  • Watch out for changes in your behavior.

Managers can let frustrations roll off their backs – they know they have responsibilities for numerous employees and tasks. When you find yourself constantly snapping at colleagues and your team, you may feel as though someone’s trying to put one more marble in a filled jar … you need to take something out to make room for more. You may also start to forget things due to overwork. Ironically, the more you should remember, the harder it gets, especially when you feel stressed. And you may well start running behind and scrambling to make deadlines, feeling constant pressure either because of poor time management or an extreme workload.


  • You find yourself longing for something more or something else.

If you feel tired all the time, lacking energy because you can barely stay afloat with your work schedule, yearning for sleep, something needs to change. Or you find yourself looking toward the future in an almost obsessive way, frequently thinking that things will get better after you finally finish this project, after taxes, after performance reviews, denying that things need to change for you right now. And you may flat out not enjoy your job anymore and desire to leave.


  • So, what can you do?

Recognize the signs you just read about and recognize that they’re signs of overwork, not everyday working life. Your job should not feel like an endless slog you can never get ahead of. Then you need to assess how to get out of the situation. Do you need to better manage your time? Delegate work better? Sit down with a superior and tell them that you have so much on your plate that you find you’re not able to work as effectively? Or perhaps you need to find a new position where you’ll get the help you need?


If it’s the latter, talk to someone at PrideStaff. They can help match you with a job that fits your skills and your needs.


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