When you finally land that coveted interview, you want to find that magic formula that will have the interviewers leaping up at the end of it to offer you the job. Well … that might be a tall order, but we can give you a three-step process to leave interviewers with the best possible impression, at the very least putting you at the top of their list.


  • Before:

Do your due diligence by looking up information on the company itself: Go to the website, look up any news articles on what it has done, check out any social media pages (Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.) they maintain. Talk to any sources you have who can give you inside details. Then look at your resume and see how it matches up with the job description, focusing on key points you want to bring up in the interview. Come up with some success stories and ones that show how you dealt with problems. Rehearse responses to basic questions and put on your outfit to make sure everything fits and looks as it should.


  • During:

Look at yourself as a solution to a problem and present yourself accordingly. Keep your responses 2-3 minutes long (and practice with a trusted friend to get everything comfortable but not too rehearsed). Make sure to listen to the interviewer to get an idea of culture and whether you’ll fit in – that’s an important factor. Remember, you must want this, too; it’s not just about whether they want you. Ask questions that can give you an idea about a career with the company, not just a daily job, and always ask about next steps.


  • After:

Once you’ve left, get that email or note of thanks out within 48 hours. Use it as a chance not only to thank them for the opportunity to compete for a position, but also as a time to address any questions you felt you didn’t answer well or add any information you may not have had the chance to tell them about. Take time as well to assess your own feelings about the interview – how you think you did, what you could have done better or differently, and how it compared to other interviews.


As you interview, use these steps to have the most successful interaction. For advice or help on finding your next job, visit PrideStaff.


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