You may feel a need to tell an interviewer everything possible so they can get the best measure of you in the time you have, but that can lead to wordy answers that actually hurt your chances rather than helping you. For some questions in particular, you’ll do best keeping your responses succinct.


  1. When asking the interviewer questions.

Near the end of the interview, the person may well ask, “So, what questions do you have for me?” Have a question or two prepared, and make sure it’s something that indicates your interest in the job (not salary) or the company itself and how they run things. Questions that take too long may eliminate you because you give them information that causes them to think twice about you or you ask something so complicated they cannot answer it. If possible, ask about some aspect of the company raised during the interview, which indicates your curiosity, and ask to know a little more about it [the project/plans for the future/upcoming challenge].


  1. Answering what you’ll miss most about your current job.

Sing the praises of your current job for too long, and a recruiter will immediately start wondering why you applied for the position in the first place. Remember why you’ve come in (to apply for a new job), mention the highlights of your personal growth in our current job, and steer your answer toward why you want this position. As a side note, this question is a sort of wrap-up to the interview, so keep your answer brief.


  1. When responding to the salary you’re looking for.

Most candidates dread this question the most — it’s nerve-wracking at best. You don’t want to over- or undersell yourself; you want to look eager but not desperate…. Unless you’ve reached the last round, recruiters ask this to see if your range works within their budget. Again, keep it short by obliquely referencing the salary in your previous role and say what you’re looking for. Make sure you do your research beforehand so you can have a viable answer.

Interviews can seem like they take forever, but giving to-the-point responses on these particular questions will help you do well in the interviewer’s eyes. For help with your next interview, visit PrideStaff.


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