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A number of companies allow you to simply transfer the information from your LinkedIn page to an online resume, which certainly makes it easier, right? But the two shouldn’t necessarily mirror each other. Considering the fact that most resumes get about seven seconds of perusal, you have a certain formula to follow in order to get all basics covered. But your LinkedIn profile allows you to do much more.


  1. The big picture.

You don’t have room in your resume to list the details of your professional experiences. On LinkedIn, add them all – and give any interesting tidbits of background that bring you as an employee to more vivid life. Use it to captivate your audience and toot your own horn – just remember not to share any proprietary details that reveal sensitive information or anything too personal. No bullet points needed if you don’t want them.


  1. Avoid tailoring.

You know how you adjust your resume depending on what position or company you send it to? No need to do that here. Consider a general profile but also think about your personal brand here – consider your audience. You want to attract those searching for someone with your background and skills but also bear in mind that incognito searches will find you, too. So don’t make your profile too narrow – cast a wide net while keeping some structure. Have some items on there that will appeal to that broad audience. Think about posting regular updates to articles and links that will spread your brand as well.


  1. Back up your claims.

This doesn’t mean putting everything on a flash drive “just in case”; it refers to including testimonials from co-workers and former employers who can attest to the fact that your idea helped quarterly earnings go up 5 percent last spring. Writing up your accomplishments is one thing, but having someone else refer to them as well takes you that extra mile.


  1. Make it conversational.

Obviously you want to keep things professional, but, again, think of this as your brand: Nobody wants to read a profile that comes off as robotic or generic, nor does that make you stand out in a positive way. Take time to talk about why you love doing your job, not merely the particulars of it. Make yourself human by adding in a personal philosophy, praise for teams you’ve worked with, explanation of how you got into your current career.

Let your LinkedIn profile literally do that: Let it act as the link of Professional You to anyone who comes across it; give it your voice. To find the next job to add to that profile, visit PrideStaff.


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