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At a time when the younger generation of workers grew up used to praise for their efforts, it sometimes comes about that today’s employees have trouble with constructive criticism, seeing as a personal attack. However, one doesn’t always mean the other. Sometimes receiving that negative feedback just takes some practice.


  • Remember that we all make mistakes.

We’ve all had crushing feedback on something we worked hard on, even if it’s meant to help and improve. Getting a less-than-stellar response means you may have a little tweaking to do, and it will help you grow as a professional.


  • Ask questions.

Instead of feeling bombarded or like a chastised child who has to stand there and take it, respond and ask for specifics on how you can improve, as well as clarification. This puts the shoe on the other foot: It makes you feel proactive and allows you to get good information from the person critiquing you, seeing them as a resource rather than someone tearing you down.


  • Keep a proper focus.

If you allow yourself to get wrapped up in the minutiae (Why didn’t she do this privately? Does this mean someone else is in line for my job? I worked really hard on this, how could she?), you’ll lose reason for the criticism: for you to improve. Take the personal out of it and focus on the feedback itself.


  • See intentions for what they are.

Rather than jumping to conclusions that the criticizer doesn’t like you or thinks you’re doing a bad job, keep in mind that they most likely have good intentions: They want to help you do better next time. In other words, don’t take it as an attack.


  • Take the lesson.

In other words, learn from negative feedback. Look at the person’s comments as dispassionately as possible and apply it, seeing where you could have done better. Doing so will improve this and future projects, increasing your skill level and confidence.

It’s not easy to deal positively with the negative, but doing so will only make you a stronger, better, person. For advice on how to find your next great position, visit PrideStaff.


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