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It happens all the time – you see a job you’d love, but then you check the requirements … and you don’t meet all of them. Should you even bother applying? You can … as long as you make some changes to your resume first to address the gaps.


  • Start looking at transferable skills.

If you haven’t heard the term, that means you’ve acquired skills in your one job that could carry over into another in a different capacity. So, a former English teacher may well have the skills for project management and editing or copywriting, for example. Or your experience in sales makes you a terrific problem solver and gives you the skills to deal with any sort of customer or client. Basically, find a way to make the connection by pointing out that while the job requires X, your experience and skills with Y fulfill that requirement just as they would need.


  • Then point out your additive skills.

Stopping at transferrable skills doesn’t necessarily bridge all the gaps if you don’t have the exact requisite qualifications. A company may well have an idea of “dream skills” they’d love for a candidate to have – and some of your skills may well fit the bill, even if they’re not explicitly listed, and will add to your job qualifications. You’re pointing out that while Skill A isn’t listed in the job description, it will allow you to succeed in the position because of [fill in the blank]. It’s something unique you bring to the position that others don’t, something that positively separates you from the pack.


  • Put it all together.

To make yourself memorable in the best way, think of it like this: Those who have the exact skills required will all sound pretty much the same. You, however, will stand out because you have the transferrable and additive skills to bring something unique to the table. And if you get an interview, when asked how you’d deal with a certain situation, you can again tell them how your past experience will let you fill the role, and your additive skills allow you to bring a different perspective and expertise to the position.

It may seem daunting to apply for a position in which you can’t check every box, but if you put your resume together a little creatively, you may be able to add a few new boxes as well. For help finding your next job, visit PrideStaff.


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