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We all hear the talk about time management, how if we could figure it out, we’d have (obviously) more time, less stress, get more done … But we don’t talk about managing our energy, which allows us to manage all of that time and use it to its best capacity. Sometimes working more hours just means working more hours, not actually getting everything done efficiently and effectively. So how can you become more productive but exhaust yourself doing it? Look. at the different types of energy.



Too often this one gets overlooked, yet if we don’t give ourselves time to recharge our emotional batteries, the rest of our systems get depleted as well. Try a little meditation: Close your eyes and concentrate on slow breathing in and out through the nose, allowing your belly to fill on the inhale. Try it for five slow breaths. If your mind fills up even with that, at least have a mantra that you repeat for yourself while doing those slow breaths, even if it’s one word that brings you calm and confidence.



How many times have you bemoaned your lack of sleep? Now, how many times have you caused that yourself by watching “one more episode” of whatever’s hot on Netflix because you’ve “earned it”? Yes, you have, but staying up that extra hour will come back to bite you in the end, making your mornings harder. Cutting down on weeknight drinking helps as well — your lowered inhibitions will encourage you to watch that extra episode. Shut down your screens at least half an hour before you go to sleep to get your hours in, giving you more energy during the day.



This doesn’t have to align with any specific deity or belief other than the belief that we all have something we’re great at – something that makes us stand out. Once you realize yours, channel your day into harnessing those stand-outs and delegating tasks or asking for help on those tasks you don’t do as well. The more you can do what you love, the better work you’ll do and the more spiritually aligned you’ll become at your job.



In today’s world, our brains get constant bombardment from our various devices, not to mention the people that interrupt us. Cut down on the chatter by checking email at specific times and letting your team know when those times occur. This helps create a stretch of time in which you can focus deeply on your work, allowing for flow and creativity, as well as higher quality work.

Attending to all of these different energies allows you to become more productive. So within your work day, find a few minutes for quiet time and exercise – or at least get outside for a quick walk during the work day if possible. To help find your next job, direct your energies toward working with the staffing experts at PrideStaff!


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