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Every year brings about changes, and quality staffing agencies know to adjust with the growing needs of their clients and candidates, as well as the ever-shifting hiring landscape, especially the lowered unemployment rates. So, what might you see this year in terms of the staffing agency you work with?


  • High demand and tight labor supply may affect staffing.

The combination of the two will lead to more churn, which, in turn may mean more need for temporary or temp-to-perm placements as employees move from one job to the next.


  • Compensation changes.

After years of little change in pay raises as compared to the economic upturn, workers now have more leverage to ask for and receive higher pay. This will likely mean a modest rise in revenue growth for staffing agencies, primarily coming from increased bill rates for clients.


  • Customer relationships are more important than ever.

With a smaller talent pool to choose from, leading to frustrated clients, staffing agencies must work doubly hard to ensure they have good relationships that will weather the difficulties of easily finding the employees they want.


  • Low rates of unemployment mean less growth opportunity.

Staffing firms will find this a difficult year for growth, what with unemployment currently holding steady at 4 percent. Focus on keeping your talent pool as current and updated as possible.


  • The White House and Congress’ decisions will affect staffing agencies.

Sharp staffing firms will keep an eye on how tax and healthcare changes affect companies, particularly healthcare-based ones. And considering we may see serious rollbacks in regulations, staffing agencies should also keep on top of city and state regulations in terms of more local labor advocacy.


  • Remember international candidates as possibilities.

Immigrants with legal work status remain an important resource for staffing, as they very much have the skills and experience companies need, plus they can help companies compete on a wider scale. While crackdowns on immigration may well hurt that population, don’t hesitate as a staffing agency to seek them out as a valuable resource.


2018 will indeed see some different trends than in previous years, so make sure to work with a quality staffing agency like PrideStaff who will stay on top of any changes and help you find the best talent available.


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