Want to be up on the hiring trends for 2018? It will help your company stay on top of what to look for as you fill your necessary vacancies both temporary and permanent.


  • Good people skills preferred.

While some employees may have excellent skills and experience, if they don’t have the ability to communicate with customers and clients, they won’t do nearly as well. Particularly in more technical jobs, employees need to have the ability to connect well with those outside that tech sector, as well as present themselves clearly as the need arises.


  • Less available talent.

While the falling unemployment rates bode well for the employees themselves, the opposite rings true for those doing the hiring. Specifically, employers have had trouble meeting the salary requirements of employees in some industries, therefore leading to the necessity of hiring less experienced but cheaper talent.


  • Experienced applicants.

Certain industries on the rise, such as technology, green energy, and content marketing all want employees who not only have experience in their field but also the knowledge to know how best to market their products to the younger generation. Applicants should also have the ability to market their strengths to potential employers.


  • Improved hiring process.

Too often the hiring process has taken position as the worst part of finding a job, bogged down by red tape and long waits before any sort of communication finally comes through. Particularly combined with a talent shortage, companies who want to avoid missing out on top talent will find ways to streamline the hiring process.


  • Office perks.

Benefits that come standard with job offers now include supplementary office perks such as flexible time, additional PTO (paid time off), and team outings. This gives employees a bit more freedom in their roles, encouraging them to stay longer at their current places of work.


If you want to be on top of the hiring game in 2018, consider how these trends can help you succeed in your hiring needs. For any other help with finding quality employees, visit PrideStaff.


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