You may have heard about the best time of year or even day of the week to apply for a job – but did you know you can apply at a certain time of day to get the edge as well? The employment platform TalentWorks did some research to see if time of day corresponded to whether the 1600 applicants got an interview or not. To put it simply, it certainly did.


So, what’s the best time of day to apply?


  • Those who sent in application between the hours of 6am and 10am had a 13% higher chance of snagging an interview than at any other time of day.
  • Aside from a brief rise after lunch, around 12:30, the odds dropped 10% every half hour.
  • Any application sent at 7:30pm had a scant 3% chance of getting an interview.


Why the bias against later applications?

Here the science changes into educated guesses and inferences. Hiring managers may have the unconscious bias that those who send applications off early in the morning tend to be better candidates than those who wait the entire day – it may skew toward their motivation (or lack thereof). One theory from a 2011 Princeton study theorizes that people tend to respond more favorably after a coffee break. We all have inherent biases; the “early bird” theory is apparently another.


So if you want to catch that worm, send in your application right away – perhaps even before your own mid-morning coffee break. To present the best version of your resume and application, work with PrideStaff.


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