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Good leaders believe they can always do more to improve – and the best leaders know they can. So if you want to improve your leadership skills, either to make others see you as one or to improve upon what you already do well, take some of these tips to heart.

  1. Look for talent in all places. Some leaders overlook those not in their immediate sphere. If you want the full picture of your company’s capabilities and finding a new angle, ask someone in a different department who may well have another perspective you hadn’t considered. Think of it as the best possible way to cover all the angles.
  2. Break away from your desk. Similarly to the concept above, a good leader has her ear to the ground and speak not only with those on her level but also those below and around her. Think of the TV show “Undercover Boss”: Often, the leader finds out what’s really going on by speaking to the employees who have to deal directly with the situation. So rather than leading from on high, talk with employees informally, have lunch with a co-worker, seek out opportunities to simply talk and listen. Those under you will appreciate it.
  3. Stay open-minded to solutions. In fact, accept the fact that the root of problem may well lie somewhere you haven’t thought of. Make sure to get plenty of cross-talk across the company so you can gather all the information possible before making any decision.
  4. Share with those around you. After you’ve talked to all of those other people to find out where a problem stems from, share those findings with your executive team and CEO–and make sure to give the credit to the people you spoke with, pointing out that you asked them questions that went beyond the norm because those “little people” often have the answers–and they should get the credit for helping find the answer as well.
  5. Find ways to innovate. When you become the successful company who refuses to try something new because “that’s how we’ve always done it,” over time they’ll begin to plateau. On the one hand, don’t change what works. On the other, if you don’t continue to look at how to take what works and improve upon it, you may not find that same success down the road.
  6. Embrace mistakes. The concept of perfection can get downright stressful, and refusing to acknowledge an error can cost you. So if you make a mistake, admit it, learn from it, and move on. This shows that even a leader gets it wrong sometimes but recognizing that will help you get it right next time and show those around you that making mistakes isn’t forbidden; it’s part of learning.

Notice that many of these methods for becoming a better leader have to do with communication. A true leader does so by example and by getting to know those he leads. To help find your next great employee, work with the leaders in the staffing industry, PrideStaff.

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