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How many of you have wanted to start a business but didn’t quite know how to go about it? Should you take out an advertisement? If so, where? And how do you get others to work with you when you’re a relative unknown? It plays on the old question: How do you promote your business without clients, but how do you get clients without promotion? Fortunately, there are reasonable and effective ways to promote your business locally.


  • Use the internet.

Everybody’s doing it! In all seriousness, using social media to promote your business has become part of basic promotion and branding. So, make sure to keep your pages updated and relevant. Include the “basics” such as your company’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. pages so anyone looking for a company in your industry, in your area, sees you right away and reads the posts about your industry, your company’s latest ventures and any connections you’ve made in the community.


  • Connect with the community.

Want to make yourself known? Get familiar with local organizations. Whether it’s similarly minded professionals on LinkedIn or going to conferences, involving yourself can only benefit you. It will allow you to build your brand more effectively.


  • Keep your lists updated.

To keep your business front of mind, email digests to those on your lists and update your company’s LinkedIn profile informing them of upcoming events you’ll go to, new team member profiles and business developments, and other industry-related news.


  • Single out community members.

Whether dealing with unusual or difficult customers with a personal touch or promoting specific social media followers to promote some portion of their business, that sort of individual attention creates loyal customers who will remember your particular brand positively.


  • Go out as a team.

Community and volunteer events are the perfect way to show off your team and your brand to those in your area. Wearing something with your company logo that links up with its values takes your message even further.

To make yourself known in the community, you must make your voice heard online and in person. To find the next great hire for your team, work with PrideStaff.


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