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You want to keep your quality employees, but what about managing that and retaining a budget? Just remember: Making an investment in a good hire now means less turnover – and less cost for you – down the road. Fortunately, you can also find ways to do just that and not break the bank in the process.

  • No-work birthdays.

While this may seem meant for children, many of us still retain that thrill of excitement when it comes to our “special day”. Employees will view it as a sort of “bonus day off”, and if you post it as part of a job description, many candidates will take notice that you as a potential employer care about your employees and want to make that investment. 

  • Volunteer opportunities.

Want to bring employees together? Harness some of that positive vibe that inevitably comes with helping others and spread it to your team. Such an atmosphere allows clients to get to acquainted in a less formal setting as well, potentially leading to closer bonds and friendships that will carry over into the workplace, all while giving back to the community. 

  • Cookout Fridays.

For the BBQ crowd both meat-eating and not, once the weather warms up, here’s a great way to get together and acknowledge that it’s once again valuable to give employees a chance to connect on a less formal basis. Supply the burgers and encourage employees to bring in sides. Pro Tip: Favorite recipes (or stores) make for easy conversation starters. 

  • Demonstrate appreciation for a job well done.

Much like birthdays, no matter the age, employees like it when the boss says, “Thank you” or acknowledges their contribution in some way. Whether a quick verbal or text/email, giving credit where it’s due. Plus, it shows your employees that you see the good work they do; too often employees only connect with a superior when they’ve done “something wrong”. 

  • Get a feedback loop going.

Similarly, your workers want and need feedback to continue doing their jobs well. Yet sometimes employees won’t hear anything one way or another for weeks, getting feedback only when they’ve done something wrong. Whether formal or a quick five-minute check-in, regularly offer your employees feedback on their performances – and give them opportunities to give you some healthy critique as well.

None of these ideas costs too much, but the act of doing them is priceless because it builds a company where employees will want to stay and do their best for you. For advice on finding that next great hire, work with PrideStaff.


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