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The fact that you got through the first interview felt nerve-wracking and thrilling enough, and now you discover you’ve made it to the next level, the coveted second interview. How do you prepare for this one differently than you did for the first?  How do the expectations differ?

  • Specifics.

The first interview tends toward more “broad strokes”; the second will include more pointed questions. They want to know more detail about what you put on your resume, so expect to talk specifically about what you’ve done at your most recent job. This is also a chance to show that you know the details of your employer so when they ask what you would do during your first year to make a name for yourself, you can answer fully. 

  • New people.

This time around, you’ll likely interview with different people, possibly even a panel interview so four (or more) people can get to know you simultaneously. This may include anyone from executives to potential co-workers to managers. 

  • Wrapping up from last time.

If any of your answers from the first interview had loose ends to tie up, that will happen here, so expect to follow up on anything that felt unfinished. Your original interviewer may also have wanted to cover something but ran out of time, or you didn’t feel you answered a question as fully as possible. Prepare to respond to such questions this time around. 

  • Unusual questions.

Now that the interviewers have a pretty good idea of the you that comes from your cover letter and resume, they may well throw questions at you that have nothing to do with the interview to see how you’ll respond. They want to see how you think on your feet, as well as some of your true personality and possibly your problem-solving skills (“If you don’t get this job, what’s your backup plan?”)


Preparing for the second interview has different stresses than the first, but in the same way, that preparation will help you feel ready for whatever they might throw at you. For interview help and advice, work with PrideStaff.


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