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It happens from time to time: Employees who previously did well and stayed on task have slowly but surely fallen off the mark and become less focused on their work. Fortunately, you can help them find their productivity without cracking the whip too hard or coming across as a mircomanager.

  • Encourage physical health.

Sometimes employees come in sick because they feel they can’t take the time off. This has a twofold effect: It spreads germs to others and forces an employee to attempt work while not at their best, resulting in mediocre effort at most. Make sure they know the wellness programs included in a company benefits package, offer support for chronic conditions, and create a workspace that offers such options as standing desks. Suggest employees take periodic breaks to get up and move around and let them feel it’s acceptable to stay home when sick.

  • Help with financial stress.

When employees must pinch every penny and worry about how to pay for the unexpected (accident, illness, etc.), this causes a tremendous amount of stress that takes their focus and time away from their work. And lost productivity leading to financial stress can become a self-fulfilling prophecy if not taken care of right away. Offering financial wellness class or debt consolidator access to employees will help them manage their money and feel more in control, allowing them to stay productive instead of worrying about paying the bills. 

  • Recognize the importance of mental health.

37 percent of people with depression do not seek treatment – and that condition costs businesses up to $35 billion a year. It’s much more than simply trying to “work through it”, and employers who recognize this will have grateful employees who can concentrate on their work rather than simply making it through the day. Make it clear that mental illness and depression are acceptable reasons to take the day off and help them find the treatment they need, taking away the stigma of living with a mental illness.


“Presenteeism”, the concept of being there but not really doing anything, can get pervasive when you as an employer don’t recognize the signs. Doing what you can to alleviate the big triggers will help your employees stay productive. To find your next great employee, work with PrideStaff.


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