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If you want to keep your employees and reduce turnover, as well as foster loyalty, you must earn their trust. As in any relationship, trust must be earned, and companies who have managed this have used a few proven ways to make it happen.

  • Transparency and Truthfulness

Employees want to know what’s going on in the company. If you want to establish trust, you have to do what you can to shut down the rumor mill, especially when it comes to big decisions. Regarding future goals and the current state of the company, give employees as much information as you can. Letting employees know about financial results and board meeting details tells them you trust them, which will come back to you. And transparency, even in the face of bad news, shows you have the integrity to share both the good and bad with your employees. This builds trust as well.

  • Avoid Giving Orders

If somebody barks at you to do something, your immediate reaction probably includes a little resentment and resistance. Very few employees like being told what to do all the time. Instead of giving orders, offer encouragement. This makes employees feel motivated and empowered to do their best. When you show trust to employees by giving them guidance and autonomy, you’ll get it back because they feel respected.

  • Connect

The more power a manager has, the less employees seem to trust them. Yet the manager who has a personal connection with their team, who truly knows them and relies on them, builds a relationship of trust within that team. So, take time for some small talk about shared interests and backgrounds, maybe even having lunch together regularly or stepping in when they need another hand. Doing this reminds employees it’s an “us” situation, not “us v. them”.

  • Be Fair

Remember the teacher’s pet in school and how it felt when that student got advantages you didn’t? That feeling of resentment doesn’t change as an adult. Avoid playing favorites in the office at all costs – employees will spot it immediately and any sense of trust will quickly erode. This also goes for keeping it professional: If you badmouth other execs or employees, those under you will wonder what you say about them when they leave the room.

Use these strategies to build trust with your employees, something every successful company has. For advice on manager-employee relationships, work with the experts at PrideStaff.


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