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If you want to stay cutting edge and on top of innovation in your chosen field, you need to help your employees find their creative sides. So, how can you do that effectively? Here are ten suggestions!


  1. Make it easy to solicit ideas.

Actively asking for new ideas will give you a constant flow of suggestions and innovative ways to solve problems.


  1. Stress its importance.

A company that obviously wants to hear those ideas from its employees shows that you value that innovation in order to stay competitive. If you make it a priority, so will your employees.


  1. Put aside time for brainstorming.

Aside from a suggestion box for new ideas, give your employees actual time to come up with ideas, whether in meetings, group workshops, or even a day out. Team brainstorming is most effective because they can work off each other’s’ ideas.


  1. Challenge the norms.

Rather than settling into a routine that can become a rut, encourage your staff to think of new ways to approach not only problems but also just how they get things done.


  1. Do a switch-up.

Have employees look at how other businesses approach things, even if not in your industry, and see if they can adapt those methods to your company. Or simply have them shadow or job-swap for the short term to open their eyes and generate ideas.


  1. Train them!

Employees may well know how to spitball ideas, but they may not know how to creatively solve a problem. Find a training session that actually teaches them how to brainstorm, mind-map, and think laterally to make the most of creative thought.


  1. Accept mistakes.

Creativity goes hand-in-hand with risk-taking. Avoid penalizing employees when their ideas don’t work; allow them instead to learn from their mistakes.


  1. Take action.

Ideas will stay ideas unless you act on them. Again, give your employees time and resources to take their ideas from the brainstorm stage to reality. Failing to do so means you failed to capitalize on innovation. Plus, employees will only come up with creative ideas if they feel you will act on them.


  1. Recognize creativity.

We all want a little reward for our efforts. Doing so will motivate your team to keep going with their efforts. So whether it’s a friendly in-house competition or recognition for the effort, make sure to reward the creativity of your employees.


  1. Be supportive.

Show enthusiasm for creative risk-taking and avoid making anyone feel foolish for coming forward. Always make time for ideas, no matter how “out there”.


Helping employees to think creatively will result in a constant flow of new ideas and innovations for all involved. To get creative on your next hire, work with PrideStaff.


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